Dartmouth Lawn Bowls Club   

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2014 Atlantic Bowl Winners

Verna Murray and Jackie Foster captured gold in Women’s Pairs  

Carolyn Ulch, Brenda Reesor and Cleo Crichlow went 5-3 in Women’s Triples just enough to take bronze.

Bronze medal winners included the Men’s Triples team of Alex Vance, Charles Stock and Ray MacDonald; and the Men’s Pairs team of Paul Higgins and Graham Doyle.

Dartmouth Wall of Champions 2014

The Canadian Junior Championships are from August 4th to 17th.  John Siteman will be representing the province at this event.

The Canadian Championships are from August 17th to 23rd in Winnipeg.  We have a number of club members representing the province as our Provincial Champions 
Steve Ogden & Steve Bezanson in the Mens Pairs
Phil Balcom in the Mens Triples
Terry O'Neil, Alex Vance, Charles Stock & Bob Murray in the Mens Fours
Verna Murray in the Ladies Pairs
Mo Boudreau in the Ladies Triples
June Hodgins, Carolyn Ulch & Jackie Foster in the Ladies Fours
Nova Scotia is fortunate this year in that we are able to send additional teams.
Ruth Bowman & Lorraine Bezanson are also going to the Championships on the Ladies "B" Fours Team

The Canadian Senior Triples are from August 30th to Sep 6th.
Phil Balcom is on the Mens team and Anita Knox is on the Ladies team

The Canadian Mixed Pairs are from Sep 7th to 13th. 
Steve Bezanson & Lorraine Bezanson will be going to the Championships as the "B" Team

The Atlantic Bowls are from Sep 4 to 7th
Mens Pairs   
Wally Boudreau & Ray Daisley
Ed Yeazel &  Dave Driscoll
Mens Triples
Alex Vance, Charles Stock & Raymond MacDonald
Ladies Pairs
Jackie Foster & Verna Murray
Dot Graham & Kelly Moore
Ladies Triples
Vivan Condran, Kaaran Wise, Bernadette Beaver
Carolyn Ulch, Brenda Reesor, Cleo Crichlow

2013 Closing Day Tournment

Gordon Foster, Rita Erskine, Eleanor Shea


2013 Bill Byatt Tournament Winners

Alice Hadley and Mike Hadley



2013 Champs Day Tournament Winners

 2013 Club Winners

Club Singles Winners 

Ray Daisley

Joan Brown


Novice Singles Winners

Blaise Donovan 

Kathy Myketyn


Winners of the August Morning League

Dave Driscoll and Pat Guest


Winners of the August Evening League

Ian Stewart and Velda Doucette


Winners of the July Evening  League

Cory Boudreau, Pat During and John Dudar


Winners of the July Morning League

Ed Yeazel, Bernadette Beaver and Lil White

Canada Day 2013 Lamond Trohpy Winners

Cheverie Pairs 2013 Winners

Vivian Condran, Vi Penney

Winners of June Morning League 2013

Kaaran Wise, Norm Donovan, Don Shea


June Evening League Triple Winners 2013

Corrine Burbine, Cory Boudreau and Rob Martin

Winners of the Opening Bonspiel 2013

Wally Boudreau, Rita Erskine (absent from photo) , Sue Ellen Horne

Winners of the Dartmouth Early Bird Tournament 2013

Dennis Mullane, Debbie Foster, Jackie Foster

2012 Provincial Pairs TeamPhil Balcom and Ian MacDonald They will be respresenting Nova Scotia and the 2013 Canadian Championships in West & North Vancouver in August.
2012 Provincial Fours Team, Vivian Condran, June Hodgins, Kelly Moore and Bernadette Beaver.  They will be respresenting Nova Scotia and the 2013 Canadian Championships in West & North Vancouver in August.
2012 Provincial Fours Team, Cameron LeFrense, Steve Ogden, Terry O'Neill, Steve Bezanson.  They will be respresenting Nova Scotia and the 2013 Canadian Championships in West & North Vancouver in August. 

2012 Clark Trophy Winners

Vivian Condran, Brenda Byatt, Kelly Moore & Diane Anderson

Closing Tournament 2012

Jackie Foster, Donna Tipert, Frank Oxner

Winners of the September League 2012

Morning League - Vivian Condran, Cleo Crichlow, Dave Driscoll

Evening League - Kelly Moore & Dave Driscoll

Champs Tournament (Labor Day)

Ray Daisley, Helen Laybolt, Brenda Reesor

Natal Day Tournament

Gordon Curtis, Bea Boutilier, Sterling Levy

Winners of the August League 2012

Morning League - Ray Daisley & Brenda Reesor

Evening League - no play 

2012 Canadian Men's Pairs Champions

Steve Ogden, Steve Bezanson

Winners of Club Singles 2012

Louise MacPhee

John Wells

Winners of the July League 2012

Morning League - Vivian Condran, Donna Tipert, Brenda Reesor

Evening League - Ian Stewart, Anne Marie Siteman, Pat During

Canada Day 2012 Lamond Trophy

Gordon Curtis, Vera Dixon, Norman Donovan